Wednesday, December 01, 2021
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Old Timers Antenna Still One Of The Best

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Well it is true. There is not really a best antenna for Ham Radio.  If it were true we all would be using the same antenna.

There is this sort of "thing" that all Hams go through in their life cycle of being a Ham.  In the beginning they rely, in most part, on what some other Ham tells them what to do, such as which radio to make or purchase; which type of coax to use and how to use the Ham gear.  But, the "biggie" advice is what type of antenna to use.  Sometimes the "newbie" ham makes up his own mind by observing what others are using.  So, he will go for that one.

It seems there is a common quest among most Hams.  It is a burning quest.  It is one that a Ham goes to sleep at early hours in the morning dreaming about.  It plagues his mind all of the time.  That quest is to get the best signal as far as he can, anywhere, anytime he wants.  And, he wants his radio signal to be better than any other Ham on the face of the planet Earth.  It doesn't take the new Ham too long to realize that radios are radios with some having more do-dads, knobs and buttons than others.  But, the one  thing, more than any other, that can make the biggest difference in the Ham's signal is the antenna.

Repeater Frequencies

Crockett, Texas
Output Input Tone
145.31 144.71 103.5
146.70 146.10 123.0
443.60 448.60 100.0
444.225 449.225 103.5
HCARC Call Sign: WA5EC  





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Crockett, TX
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