Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Amateur Radio

in Houston County, Texas

Houston County Amateur Radio Club


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  • General Glossary
Term Definition
balanced line

A feed line with two conductors having equal but opposite voltages, with neither conductor at ground potential.


balance to unbalance , a device used to couple a balanced antenna to an unbalanced feed line (e.g., dipole to coax)


A range of frequencies allotted for a particular use (e.g., 20 Meter Band)

bleeder resistor

A large-value resistor connected across the filter capacitor in a power supply to discharge the filter capacitors when the supply is turned off.


Someone, usually not a Ham but a wannabe, making up a callsign, one usually not in the callbook, and getting on the air. Sometimes it is someone who already bought a radio, took the test and flunked, and then gets on the air anyway. Ham Radio Bootlegging is illegal.


(Repeater Term) used to interrupt a conversation on a repeater to indicate that there is an emergency or urgent message. If non-urgent, simply interject your callsign.


A semi-automatic mechanical code key.

Repeater Frequencies

Crockett, Texas
Output Input Tone
145.31 144.71 103.5
146.70 146.10 123.0
443.60 448.60 100.0
444.225 449.225 103.5
HCARC Call Sign: WA5EC  





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