Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Amateur Radio

in Houston County, Texas

Houston County Amateur Radio Club

Emergency Radio Information

Ham Radio Emergency Communication

Ham Radio Emergency Communication

Emergency Communications

The Federal Communication Commission regulations, the licensing authority for Amateur Radio, says that one of the many reasons we are granted a license is..." to provide an amateur radio service the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications."

Although there are many other facets to ham radio, emergency communications is a great part of the Houston County Amateur Radio Club. The HCARC is affiliated and takes part in local, state, and national emergency communications.

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Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan

Catastrophe Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN)  have teamed up to create a Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper  Communications Plan. This plan outlines a standard set of frequencies  that should be used by all preppers following a catastrophic disaster.  These frequencies will serve as a meeting point where information about  the event can be shared and actions between like minded preppers can be  communicated.

  • 80 Meters – 3.818 MHz LSB (TAPRN Net: Sundays at 9 PM ET)
  • 40 Meters – 7.242 MHz LSB
  • 40 Meters Morse Code / Digital – 7.073 MHz USB
  • 20 Meters – 14.242 MHz USB
  • 20 Meters Morse Code / Digital – 14.073 MHz USB
  • 2 Meters – 146.420 MHz FM
  • 440 (70 cm) – 446.420 MHz FM
  • FRS/GMRS – Channel 4 (462.6375 MHz)
  • CB – Channel 4 (27.005 MHz)
  • MURS – Channel 4 (154.570 MHz)

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HCARC Emergency Radio Plan

Emergency amateur radio communications for Houston County and surrounding areas is in process of coordination. 

Tentatively try the following frequencies.

 Crockett, Texas

Output Input Tone
145.31 144.71 103.5
146.70 146.10 123.0
443.60 448.60 100.0
444.225 449.225 103.5
HCARC Call Sign: WA5EC


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Repeater Frequencies

Crockett, Texas
Output Input Tone
145.31 144.71 103.5
146.70 146.10 123.0
443.60 448.60 100.0
444.225 449.225 103.5
HCARC Call Sign: WA5EC  





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