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Amateur Radio

in Houston County, Texas

Houston County Amateur Radio Club

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Message Board Information and Rules

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Welcome to the Houston County Amateur Radio Club Message / Discussion Board. This is the gateway to the Forum for HCARC members, fellow Hams, and anyone interested in Amateur (Ham) Radio.  If you have read the rules below, click here to go to the Discussion Forum.

The Forum is a place for communication of any aspects of Ham Radio by written replies to created topics about Amateur Radio by any individuals who are interested in Ham Radio.

Topics of interest can be created by the Forum users. Replies to the Topics, in the form of added statements or questions are added as well as replies to the replies. The discussions are almost limitless.

The structure of the Forum is made up of Categories with individual subjects called Boards.  Each Board is composed of Individual Topics.  Each Topic is where users reply.  In outline form it's sort of like the following:

Category "Alpha"
      Board "Zeta"
           Topic "Omega"
                reply 1
                reply 2
                reply 3
            Topic "Sigma"
                reply 1
                reply 2
      Board "Delta"
            Topic "Iota" 
               reply 1
Category "Beta" 
      Board "Epsilon"
            Topic "Lima"
                 reply 1
Category C .....

The administrators have set up Pre-defined Categories and Boards to cover most Ham Radio subjects.  Users have permissions to create Topics within those Boards and replies to them.  If a user feels a need to add additional Categories or Boards to the Forum then just send a Forum message or e-mail to the Forum Webmaster with a request for new Category or Board.

Users can even make replies to a reply.  Just click on the quote icon of the reply that you want to reply to and it will insert the quote into your reply so others will know who and what you are replying to.  Sound confusing?  It's really not.  You'll see once you get to the Forum.  Click on the Forum Help for additional Info.  Questions?  Contact the Forum Webmaster.


All users who have ham radio license must register their user name with first Name (space) Call Sign like this example:   George KD5XYZ  

There are NO anonymous users on the HCARC website or Discussion Forum.  Anyone not using their real identity or using anonymous will be immediately removed and banned.

Registration on the the HCARC website does NOT register you also on the Message / Discussion board Forum website.  You must register separately.  This is necessary for security purposes.  Once you are registered, you only have to log-in before you can use either site.

Rules for the Message / Discussion Board Forum:

1. No profanity. Naughty words are not necessary to post and reply on this Discussion / Message Board. If you don't know what are naughty words then the moderator will send you a warning if you do get out of hand.

2. No improper subject matter. Don't post and reply about stuff that a reasonable and prudent parent would not want their child to read about.

3. Most subjects are about ALL facets of Amateur Radio. Sometimes the subjects can stray. Too much non-Ham Radio postings is not good. This is an Amateur (Ham) Radio website. Let's try to keep it that way and not get out of hand. Personal subjects among club members are okay.

4. No Spam. One exception is links to commercial Ham Radio websites are okay. Any unauthorized spam will be immediately deleted and warnings issued. Malicious hackers gain access via spam.

Be sure and bookmark the following link in your browser.

Click Here to get to the Houston County Amateur Radio Club Message / Discussion Board.

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Repeater Frequencies

Crockett, Texas
Output Input Tone
145.31 144.71 103.5
146.70 146.10 123.0
443.60 448.60 100.0
444.225 449.225 103.5
HCARC Call Sign: WA5EC  





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