About Us

Welcome to the Houston County Amateur Radio Club

The Houston County Amateur Radio Club ( HCARC ) is a club of licensed amateur radio operators who meet regularly to exchange ideas, improve radio skills, and organize activities and public services such as local and national emergency radio communications in time of disaster.  The purpose is to promote the development of amateur radio, and join together in the mutual interest in ham radio.  Non-licensed individuals are welcomed.

There are multiple facets to Ham Radio.  Hams communicate in various modes to other Hams, locally and around the world, with amateur radio.  Above all, It's FUN!   Learn more here.

HCARC is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Relay League founded in 1914.  The HCARC and the ARRL will help you get licensed.   Why don't you come to one of the meetings to see what it is all about.  Click on the side bar links to find out more about our club and what ham radio is all about.

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